Black kilt socks and much much more …

Scan the kilt socks and hose worn by most wedding guests and you’d be forgiven for thinking they are only knitted in black or white. In reality, kilt socks come in a rainbow of rich colours.

Choosing the right wedding day kilt socks is all about finding a colour that complements your tartan and/or your wedding colour scheme.

Just take a look at these examples

Choose a rich colour that compliments your tartan


Or a tartan kilt sock that mirrors the colours in your Highland dress



It could even be black kilt socks

GLENCOE Black kilt socks

But say NO to white socks

If you are still thinking about opting for white socks, we’re leaving the last word to the Tartan Authority.

regimental half-hose pipe band


 “White kilt hose is regarded by many as an abomination and should only be worn by pipe bands.” explains the Tartan Authority in its article, How to Wear a Kilt,

“The culprits in the wide spread exposure given to this sartorial ‘faux pas’ are the kilt hire companies who, understandably, find it much more economically viable to offer hose of any colour as long as it’s white! “

They go on to explain, “Cream hose is acceptable as are any colours that tone in with the jacket or kilt. Diced or tartan hose can also be worn.”

So be true to your heritage and choose a vibrant kilt sock to complete your Highland outfit.

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