How to wear kilt socks

Knowing how to wear kilt socks is crucial when wanting to make the best impression in Scottish national dress, and there’s a little more to it than everyday sock wear.

Over the next 2 minutes, you’ll find out about the traditional way to wear kilt socks, how to choose the right sock colour for your kilt and the best place to buy kilt socks. Let’s get started.

Kilt Socks come in a wide range of colours and sizes

How to wear kilt socks

Traditionally, kilt socks and hose are worn above the calf and not covering any part of the lower knee.  Flashes, or garters, hold the socks in place. If you wish to wear a sgian dhubh, it is normally worn in the right sock, although it can be worn on the left if you are left-handed.

For a more contemporary look, team your socks with boots rather than the traditional Ghillie brogues and push them a bit further down the calf.

Choosing kilt socks in the right colour or tartan

Kilt socks are made in a wide range of colours and the general rule is to pick a pair that matches or compliments your tartan.

If your event is during the day, plain colours are the prime choice; for formal events, ecru (cream) or tartan hose are the norm.

In contemporary stylings, black hose has become increasingly popular as well as darker colours, like the Ancient Blue, Ancient Green and Charcoal socks.

Do not, repeat not, wear white socks. Unless you are joining a pipe band.

Merino or cotton?

Kilt socks are not usually worn every day, but when they are, they are truly put through their paces – whether it is an outdoor event, ceilidh, wedding, Highland Dance or march.

For the greatest comfort and strength, choose kilt socks made from a merino wool blend. Merino wool is prized for being very soft and comfortable against the skin, and when blended with cashmere and nylon, kilt socks are produced that are are strong, durable and luxuriantly soft too.

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