Kilt Accessories: How to be impress with your kilt socks and flashes

When it comes to modern fashions of Highland dress, there are no hard and fast rules, only opinions. The kilt is not a uniform, after all. It is an article of clothing, like your trousers, and you can wear it anyway you think best. But if you are considering kilt accessories, don’t forget to express your style by choosing kilt socks partnered with vibrantly coloured flashes.

Kilt socks and flashes are like salt and pepper, Art and Garfunkel, Claire and Jamie… you can have one without the other, but they always work better paired together.

Flashes are smart and functional. They offer an extra splash of colour to your outfit while making sure your kilt socks don’t fall down.

What colour?

Once you’ve chosen your kilt tartan (try the tartan ferret to search the STA International Tartan Index), pick a quality kilt sock to compliment  the colours within the weave.

We’ve written in more detail about how to choose the colour of your kilt sock here. Worth a read, if you’re want advice. Our one golden rule is to avoid white. Only people in pipe bands wear white kilt socks. You can get away with cream/ecru kilt socks if you must, especially if you are wearing a cream kilt, but otherwise embrace the wealth of colours available, even black kilt socks. 

 Make a splash with your flashes

Flashes can be:

  • The same tartan as the kilt
  • Blended with the predominant colour of a kilt
  • Any colour you want!

Which combination do you fancy?

Here are the links if you would like to buy any of these combinations

  1.  Saltire Kilt Socks with Red Weathered Flashes
  2. Regimental Diced Kilt Socks with Red Weathered Flashes
  3. Royal Scott Tartan Kilt Socks with Ancient Red Flashes
  4. Black kilt socks with Ancient Red Flashes
  5. Ancient Scott Tartan Kilt Socks with Ancient Red Flashes
  6. Grey kilt socks with Weathered Blue Flashes
  7. Black kilt socks with Ancient Blue Flashes
  8. Airforce Blue Kilt Socks  with Red Weathered Flashes
  9. Bottle Green Kilt Socks with Ancient Blue Flashes

View our entire flashes range.

If you have any questions about our range of kilt socks and flashes, get in touch by email or by phone. We like to help, and we especially like seeing photos of your kilt sock and flash combinations.


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