Feel cooler in merino kilt socks this Summer


merino wool benefits

“Merino’s natural knack for regulating body temperature means you can even wear merino kilt socks when it’s hot.”

The most soft, comfortable kilt socks are made from merino wool which makes sense when you celebrate Hogmanay and Burns Night during the bleak mid-Winter.  But are merino kilt socks the best choice during hot Summer days and at weddings, ceilidhs and Highland Games?

We thought we’d take a look at the benefits of merino wool.

Merino wool is a powerhouse natural fibre, which is why quality kilt hose producers like the House of Cheviot make all their kilt socks from a merino wool blend. Soft on the skin and easy to look after, it has huge performance benefits.

Merino kilt socks can keep you warm

Thanks to its natural crimp, merino wool cleverly insulates by trapping body heat in air pockets, keeping your feet warmer for longer.

But wait a minute …

Merino kilt socks can keep you cool too

What really sets merino wool apart is its breathability – it’s able to release warmth as needed to prevent overheating and to cool you down when conditions heat up. Merino’s natural knack for regulating body temperature means you can even wear Merino kilt socks during the Summer too.

Merino kilt socks are incredibly comfortable to wear

Merino is the world’s finest wool and feels seductively soft and lightweight. House of Cheviot has combined merino wool with nylon to create a blend which is not only soft but hard-wearing too so no more darning needed.

Merino wool has ‘no stink’ odour-resistance

It’s not your feet that pong, but rather the build-up of bacteria that creates an unpleasant smell. Unlike synthetic fibres, merino wool naturally resists bacteria and odour retention.

Merino is easy to wash and look after

Because merino resists odour, bacteria and stains, you don’t need to wash it as often or as rigorously as synthetics.  House of Cheviot kilt socks are marchine-washable so you don’t need to worry about shrinkage or pilling – simply follow the care instructions on the tag.

Merino keeps its shape for longer

Due to its fine fibre, merino wool is incredibly elastic and able to retain its shape after years of stretch, wear and repeated washing. Whether you wear your merino kilt socks marching in a pipe band, ceilidh dancing or competing at a Highland Games, merino socks will work with your body.

Merino is a great all-rounder – wear it throughout the year

The many natural benefits of merino wool – its moisture-wicking, insulating, temperature-regulating, odour-resistant, breathable and elastic qualities – provide exceptional comfort  for your kilt socks, no matter what the occasion.


So put on your merino kilt socks and carry on this Summer.